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Chronic pain can stay with you past the physical experience. When suffering from ongoing pain, your emotional, spiritual and mental well-being can be impacted as well, which can result in depressive or anxious disorders. Your nervous system may also become hypersensitive and send excessive pain signals even after the initial pain generator has resolved.

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Pain Phsychiatry

To tackle all angles of pain, our certified therapists and specialized physicians take a multidisciplinary and holistic approach to promote mental well-being.

We provide an evidence-based infusion therapy protocol as an adjunct to conservative and medical management of pain and mood disorders.

Pain Specialists

We offer pain-specialized psychiatry and psychology-led management for both medications and cognitive therapy.
At AFIYA, we are one of the only clinics nationwide to have certified psychiatry and interventional pain specialists provide out-of-hospital intravenous lidocaine and/or ketamine infusion therapy.

Best Results

Some of the best results our physicians have seen for pain treatment are in patients who also worked to balance their emotional and mental states.