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What is multi-modal pain management?

Experience a breakthrough in chronic pain treatment with our Multi-Modal Pain Management approach. Emerging from new studies advocating for opioid-free pain management, this innovative method redefines the way we empower our patients towards triumph over pain.

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Understanding Multi-Modal Pain Management

Understanding Multi-Modal Pain Management

The essence of Multi-Modal Pain Management is to reduce the dependency on opioids by introducing non-opioid analgesics. Our team of experts tirelessly works towards providing comprehensive treatment plans that address the multiple facets of pain, moving away from a one-size-fits-all approach.

Initiate Your Journey Towards Relief

Initiate Your Journey Towards Relief

Take your first step towards a pain-free life. Begin your referral process and schedule a consultation with us today!

An In-Depth Look into Our Approach

Mental Health:

Chronic pain isn't just a physical challenge; it encompasses mental health as well. Our mental health professionals, including an in-house psychiatrist and psychologists, are available to provide consultation and treatment, ensuring you receive a well-rounded approach to managing your pain.

Interventional Approaches:

Interventional Approaches:
We design our interventional approaches to precisely localize and treat your pain. Through image guidance and evidence-based procedures, we aim to provide lasting relief, enhance your quality of life, and gradually reduce your reliance on pain medication.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation:

An integral part of managing pain involves physical activity, exercise, and rehabilitation. Our team of a physiatrist, kinesiologist, and partnered physiotherapist(s) understand the pain-related restrictions you might be facing. Their goal is to help you regain as much function as possible and reintroduce you to the activities you love.